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Berry drop has a comparable subject matter to lemon drop in that every one the flavors have an equal base to them - but this time rather of having a lemonade base, all 4 flavors have a sweet and sour Blue Raspberry combined Berry style base - that is accented with extra fruit to kick it up a notch!! Offering a tangy Blue Raspberry base with precise combinations of various fruits and berries!

Watermelon Berry Drop E-liquid is uplifting, juicy watermelons infused with drips of tangy blue raspberries.

Strawberry Berry Drop E-Liquid is scrumptious and candy plump strawberries splatted with sour recommendations of pastry blue raspberries.

Dragon Fruit Berry Drop E-liquid is a combination of the mysterious notes of ripe Dragon Fruit with a hint of tart, bitter blue raspberries.

Raspberry Berry Drop E-liquid is a double of raspberry taste explosion! An ultimate aggregate of sour purple raspberries and sweetened blue raspberries

Pomegranate Berry Drop E-liquid is a great combination of sour and enjoyable pomegranate juice with anybody's favorite drop of the blue raspberry base!

Peach Berry Drop E-liquid is a clean and juicy peach e juice that is flawlessly perfected with the useful resource of the sour blue raspberry base. This is the maximum up-to-date e-liquid from the famous Berry Drop Line.

Grape Berry Drop E-liquid is an enjoyable candy and tangy red grape flavor collectively with your preferred blue raspberry base!
Lime Berry Drop E-liquid is an exceedingly inspirational mixture of lime complemented through a sweet and sour blue raspberry.

Guava Berry Drop E-liquid is a tropical combo flavor with a top-notch blue raspberry base. If you enjoy Hawaiian Pog, you'll genuinely fell in love.

Cactus Berry Drop E-liquid is an exciting combination of citrus and a notable flavor of cactus. Together the blue raspberry base adds a touch of bitterness, this taste is an absolute should attempt!

Red Apple Berry Drop E-liquid is an uplifting combination of apples and blue raspberry. This is one crisp, candy, and sour sensation in your flavor buds!

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