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The Aspire Nepho Replacement Coils are engineered to deliver a premium vaping experience, bringing out the best in your e-liquids while ensuring consistent performance. Designed exclusively for the Aspire Nepho Sub-Ohm Tank, these coils showcase advanced technology and thoughtful construction to provide a satisfying and flavorful vaping journey.

Crafted with precision, the Nepho Replacement Coils feature a vertical coil structure that optimizes airflow and vapor production. This design enhances the flavor profile of your e-liquids, allowing you to savor every note and nuance. Whether you're enjoying a rich dessert or a refreshing fruit blend, these coils bring out the best in each puff.

Available in various resistances, the Nephs Replacement Coils cater to a range of preferences. Whether you prefer a more subdued vaping experience with lower wattages or you're chasing clouds with higher wattages, these coils offer versatility to suit your style.



  • Aspire Nepho Tank
  • Aspire Dynamo 220W Starter Kit



  • Aspire Nepho Mesh Tank Coil Family
  • 0.15ohm Nepho Mesh Coils - rated for 60-75W
  • 0.5ohm Nepho Kanthal Coils - rated for 65-75W
  • Comes in a pack of three (3)



  • 1 x 3pcs Aspire Nepho Tank Coil Heads
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