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The Aspire AVP Pro Pod is a sleek and versatile pod designed to enhance your vaping experience with ease and style. Crafted with attention to both aesthetics and functionality, this replacement pod is tailored to work seamlessly with the Aspire AVP Pro Pod System, ensuring a satisfying vaping session every time.

Inside the package, you'll find two AVP Pro Pods ready to be filled with your favorite e-liquids. These pods boast a 2ml e-liquid capacity, providing a perfect balance between portability and liquid storage. With ample capacity, you can enjoy your vaping sessions without the need for constant refilling, making it ideal for on-the-go use.

The AVP Pro Pods utilize an easy bottom-fill mechanism, allowing you to quickly and cleanly refill your e-liquid without any mess. The silicone-stoppered fill port ensures a secure seal, preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of your chosen e-liquids.



1x – Aspire AVP Pro Pod
1x – AVP Pro 0.65Ω Mesh Coil 


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