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Unveil a world of enchantment with the mesmerizing Clipper Soft Touch Translucent Colour Lighters! 

Embrace the allure of mystery as you run your fingers over their velvety soft-touch surface. It's like holding stardust in your hand, each flicker of the flame casting a celestial glow on your smoking rituals.

Step into the realm of magic as the fixed flame dances gracefully, empowering you to light up your world with absolute precision. 

Crafted with the resilience of ancient forces, their nylon bodies are forged to endure the tests of time and accompany you on boundless adventures.

But what sets these ethereal lighters apart is coming equipped with a child-resistant mechanism, ensuring peace of mind in every spark.

Embrace the cosmic rhythm of sustainability as you bid farewell to wasteful disposable lighters. Clipper's refillable marvels become your eco-warrior allies, empowering you to make a celestial impact with every refill.

Let each Translucent Colour Lighter become a reflection of your celestial spirit. Choose the hue that resonates with your soul, and watch as it paints stories of your essence, capturing the essence of your inner universe.

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