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Introducing the Clipper Refillable Lighter Tie Dye edition - a burst of color and functionality in one! With refillable fluid and a replaceable flint, this lighter boasts an unlimited lifespan, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

Safety is paramount, and the Child Resistant Strike Wheel ensures worry-free usage, especially in households with young ones.

Crafted with super-strong nylon material, this lighter is built to endure the test of time without cracking or exploding like cheaper alternatives.

The clever design doesn't stop there - the Flint Arm serves as a convenient tobacco packing tool, adding extra value to your smoking experience.

With the Exclusive Clipper Pre-set Flame Valve, you can enjoy your lighter without the risk of burning accidents. Embrace the tie-dye magic and elevate your smoking rituals with the Clipper Refillable Lighter Tie Dye edition.

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