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CocoMazaya, proudly presented by CocoNara, offers premium 100% natural hookah charcoals crafted from compressed coconut shells.

These eco-friendly charcoals are both odorless and tasteless, providing an exceptional 60-minute burn time.

You can easily ignite these coals on a stovetop or an electric coil burner, taking approximately 5-8 minutes to reach a glowing red state. 


Available in: Mazaya 24Pcs, Mazaya 48 Pcs, Mazaya 96Pcs



  • 100% natural charcoal derived from coconut shells
  • Not quick-light coals
  • Free from Sulphur
  • Extended 60-minute burn time
  • Leaves less than 5% ash residue
  • Clean-burning and flavor-neutral
  • Sparks-free ignition and use
  • Economical and environmentally conscious
  • No trees were harmed in its production!


Safety Guidelines:

  • Never use petrol-based derivatives to light the charcoal, as it poses dangers and can affect the charcoal's aroma.
  • Avoid leaving the charcoal unattended in the presence of children.
  • Do not ignite the charcoal in an inadequately ventilated enclosed space.
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