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Experience the essence of the Golden State with BIC - Golden State Lighters. Embodying the true spirit of freedom and style, these lighters are more than just a flame – they are a bold statement that reflects the heart and soul of California.


Soak in the Sunshine: Inspired by the radiant spirit of the Golden State, these lighters capture the essence of California's sunny vibes. Every flick of the flame ignites the spirit of adventure and excitement.

Ride the Waves of Style: Embrace the surf culture and laid-back attitude of California with BIC - Golden State Lighters. These lighters are not only functional but also a symbol of your carefree and adventurous nature.

A Symbol of Freedom: Just like the towering palm trees, these lighters stand tall as a symbol of freedom and individuality. Express your unique style and ignite the free spirit within you with every use.

An Icon of Style: The BIC - Golden State Lighters boast a design that reflects the eclectic and vibrant artistic scene of California. Choose from a range of eye-catching designs that resonate with your personality.


Illuminate your life with the BIC - Golden State Lighter – where style meets spirit, and each flick of the flame becomes a testament to the radiant soul within you. Elevate your lighting experience with a statement of style and embrace the true essence of the Golden State.


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